Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Woof woof! Calling all Dog Lovers!

Calling All Dog Lovers!!

Are you interested to learn about responsible dog ownership?

Hear from a vet about how to care for your puppy or an older dog? Pick up tips on grooming and feeding?

Meet other dog lovers in the neighbourhood?

Ask AVA about the latest regulations for dog owners?

If you think you will be keen to participate in a Dog Lovers Talk at the neighbourhood, that covers the above topics, please send an email to:

with a gauge of interest - it would then be possible to plan for the event!

Do pass the word to your other neighbours!

Heritage Hunter....comes to Singapore!

Not sure when this will show, but do look out for the episode with Singapore and Hong Kong in it!

Hong Kong and Singapore are 2 of the most dynamic cities in South East Asia - both ex British colonies, both predominately Chinese. Their skyscrapers are monuments to their economic success built on the backs of an immigrant population. In these cities are treasures which hark back to a different social and economic milieu

Wing Lee Street in Hong Kong sits on a valuable piece of real estate, caught in a time warp of neglect. Its tenement shop houses have been home to immigrant families for decades. Beneath the grime are treasures to be uncovered, stories to be told.

Tiong Bahru Estate is the oldest public housing estate in Singapore. Built before the war, the architecture of the low rise flats are a heady blend of the clean lines and elegant curves of the era of art decor. In its heyday it was dubbed the Hollywood of Singapore and a favoured place for romantic trysts.The Heritage Hunter calls on the Monkey God to help her find her treasures.

Channel News Asia International produced by Sitting In Pictures

Starring: Linda Black
Written By: Catherine Lim/ Vincent Fong
Directed by: Vincent Fong/ Catherine Lim
Plot outline:

Heritage Hunter is a 6 x 30 mins. adventure series which explores historical, cultural and environmental sites in Asia and efforts to protect, preserve and develop them. In each programme the Heritage Hunter(Linda Black) will have to find 3 “treasures.” The treasures can be tangible - a relic, a rare plant - or intangible - a legend, a task. The clues are cryptic. The “treasures” are pieces of a puzzle which are significant to the narrative of the heritage story of the people who live there.

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