Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Residents' Alerts! Dengue and Theft

Dear Friends and Neighbours,

two alerts for your well being in health and safety:

The hot season is coming by again, and with it, plus the intermittent rains, the increased risk of dengue being spread by mosquitoes breeding in nooks and corners where you least expect it.

Please follow the preventive checks as advised by the NEA Dengue Prevention website - www.dengue.gov.sg - to keep yourself, your loved ones and your neighbours safe!

There have been recent reports of break-ins at the rear end of the pre-war estate - where the streets are quieter. Please remember to keep your front AND backdoors locked, especially the common door at the bottom of the back escape staircase.

While thefts are thankfully rare in our estate, it is better to take precautions.

One helpful way is to also look out for each other - that's what neighbours are for.
And even better, if you know the shops downstairs - they are not only convenient, but the shopkeepers, if you know them and they know you, are our 'eyes on the street'.

If you see anything suspicious - call your local police post:

Tanjong Pagar Neighbourhood Police Post
Address : Blk 144 Jalan Bukit Merah #01-1114 Singapore 160144
Tel : 1800 - 273 8999
Fax : 6 278 5695

Tiong Bahru Neighbourhood Police Post
Address : Blk 128 Kim Tian Road #01-123/ 125 Singapore 160128
Tel : 1800 - 273 9999
Fax : 6 278 5651

Keep safe and well!

Walk a Jog is here again!

Some of you may have seen the poster on the notice board...
our Seng Poh RC Walk A Jog is back again.

Date: 4 April 2010, Sunday
Time: 7.30 am to gather, 8 am start.
Place: Seng Poh Tea Garden, at the junction of Seng Poh Road and Moh Guan Terrace

Suitable for all ages.

There will also be a RECYCLING DRIVE after the event, bring 3 plastic bottles to recycle and you can walk away with a prize, courtesy of the National Environment Agency. Learn more about how to become part of the Clean and Green Movement.

A special gift will also be given to all participants....

Come with your family, friends and meet new neighbours!

As with the Walk A Jog last year, it promises to be lots of fum...

See you on Sunday!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lunar New Year Celebrations Part 4

More pictures from the dinner...The dinner featured performers from Tiong Bahru and outside - our MC was the lively and funny Er Gu!

Our brave lions from Boon Tiong RC Lion and Dragon Dance Troupe... and their big drums...

Er Gu with one of Seng Poh's resident expert crooners...

This gentleman from China was so lively in sharing his tunes from Northern China that we could not get him in focus! He really livened up with his belting out of Northern Chinese folk tunes! Hope to see more of him too.

There were also the wushu experts from Boon Tiong RC's wushu classes (and yes, they are welcoming students to join)- they may be young, but some of them are National Schools' Champions...

An integral part of the event was of course, the presence of our Advisor, MP A/P Khoo Tsai Kee, who graced the event for the entire night..

Giving out awards...

And Lucky Ang Pows to the tables of Senior Citizens, whose tables were kindly paid for by anonymous sponsors... and who also sponsored the Ang Pows for the needy old folks - THANK YOU TO YOU KIND HEARTED SOULS.... they really did enjoy themselves...

Furthermore, our Advisor also got to meet some folks from the British Council who were running a community workshop - WORKLIFE - at the Society of the Physically Disabled near by, and whose participants from the UK wanted to experience a real Singaporean neighbourhood event....and so they bought a table too!

They tried out Yum Sengs and Yu Sang.... very unique for them.

Another group of guests were the table from the Friends of the Museum - who also wanted to better understand Singaporean community events.

Another uniquely Singapore event is how Belly Dancing has taken off here... and we have a resident sharing her skills on stage for the dinner... and yep, New Year Dinner entertainment need not always be 'traditional'... we can invent our own new traditions!

Maybe Boon Tiong RC may also start Belly Dancing classes for our residents...which by the way... to be a good dancer...

you need to have a belly.... one potential student here....

Then there was the all important lucky draw...

Prizes in all shapes and sizes... sponsored by Boon Tiong RC and Seng Poh RC, as well as from Eu Yan Sang, Estee Lauder, and Khong Guan... Thank you for supporting our event! These 3 brands are also cherished heritage brands of our country...

A little girl with her prize of an electric fan...

More pictures from the dinner tables! Do you spot yourself?

Until Next Year .... HUAT AH!

In the meantime, both RC's look forward to your continued support of our events for you.... look out for something BIG soon.....

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Are you into sketching? Come join us!

A local group that is focussed on sketching the city that they live in, will be organizing a 'sketch walk' in our neighbourhood.

27 March 2010, Saturday, 9am.

More details below.

Check out their blog!

The upcoming sketchwalk will be around Tiong Bahru, one of the older neighbourhoods in Singapore and also a place where good food abound! Meeting point will be Tiong Bahru Market (a short walk from Tiong Bahru MRT station). Starting off time will be 9am sharp! Those interested in joining us for a leisurely breakfast, please meet at 8:15am instead. Please call Andrew 91070735 if you can’t find us. No need to sign up, just show up if you are attending.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lunar New Year Celebrations Part 3

On the 6th of March, Boon Tiong RC and Seng Poh RC got together to organize the annual Lunar New Year Dinner for residents of these two parts of Tiong Bahru Estate.

We had over 50 tables, a fantastic host, resident talent in various forms performing, lucky draw, residents (old and new) and friends from here and afar - including guests from Britain and a table from the Friends of the Museum group, joining us all in a very lively dinner.

Here are the pictures of the event - they will be posted over a few installments.
Many thanks to all the hard work by the RC members, and equally, many thanks to the residents and friends who supported the event by buying the tickets and turning up to ‘HUAT’ with everyone!

It was more fun than a wedding dinner.

Till the next year!