Wednesday, July 28, 2010

National Day - Launch of Community Banner & Tea Party

Dear Friends and Neighbours,

Come join in the launch of the 2010 Tiong Bahru Community Banner for National Day! This year's banner is made up of sketches created by sketchers from all walks of life who took part in the Tiong Bahru Sketch Walk on 17 July, that was organized by White Canvas Gallery. You can sign your name on the banner, which will be displayed for the next few weeks, for our National Day. Tea and Cake will be provided... do come! All residents, and friends of Tiong Bahru, are welcome to join us!

The Banner is going to look good!

1 August 2010
Seng Poh RC
Block 48 Moh Guan Terrace.

See you on Sunday!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Next Art Exhbition at White Canvas Gallery... Fernando Escora

If you have enjoyed the pen work of our sketches at the inaugural show at the WCS, here is the next show for you to consider ...

Do check out the show, which is on from 22 July to 7 August 2010.

For more details of the artist - check out the WCS website.

Its good to see more arts and cultural events in our neighbourhood - and if any one of you have similar events, do drop us a line with the details... we will be glad to post it up for you!

Pictures from the sketch walk....

Many thanks to the White Canvas Gallery for organizing the first ever sketch walk in Tiong Bahru - it was very encouraging to see about 100 enthusiasts coming along to look, and to draw our hometown! Here are some pictures of the event....

they drew everything!

And guess what - we will be using the sketches to form our National Day Community Banner - which will be launched jointly by Seng Poh RC and WCG on 1 August at Seng Poh Garden (more details to come)

Some of the participants - who came from both Tiong Bahru as well as beyond (so glad to know that we have friends from all over Singapore!), have asked if it could be done again... well, lets see how it goes?


Thanks to Barnie for the pictures!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sketchwalk 17 July 2010 at Tiong Bahru

A reminder of the upcoming community event organised by our lovely partners in the 'hood - White Canvas Gallery.


Sketches by all participants - we hope you can also contribute your work to the creation of this year's National Day Community Banner for Seng Poh (Tiong Bahru) Estate.

WCG will help to take pictures of all the sketches that are created this coming Saturday, to be compiled, in collaboration with Seng Poh RC, into our very first special Banner that will be on display at the Seng Poh Tea Garden from 1 August 2010 (More details coming soon)

17 July, Saturday, 2 pm


For more information:
Call Ricky at the White Canvas Gallery: 62208723

Here is a preview of the sketchers at work.

Your thoughts on community safety

Some residents have written back to share on their thoughts on the safety of the neighbourhood:

If we have to do it,
carry a torchlite and have a vigilante group prowl around Tiong Bahru estate if necessary.I will be the first volunteer,good exercise for the legs and doing a good turn for the community bonding the estate,thus detering unwanted attention to our property.
The CC,RC,should look into such area where its more meaningful,I have experienced it in Taiwan,very friendly kind of atmostphere when we met them in a darken street near our hotel vincinity.
Report any people or person loitering near your area for more than half an hour or aproach them and ask if you are of any help thus taking note of features,dressings which might be of help during investigation.Rather we could ask NHP to make petrol on behalf,you hardly see any petrol cars around,only when trouble has happened.
Usually such cases happen around 3 to 4 am where most of us are sound asleep.If happen to wake up for the necessary,just keep alook out on the streets or back lanes call for help if suspicious sound or characters for no reason loitering in your scope of vision.
Make sure public lightings is in working order,especially staircase landings and entrances.

Thanks for the info,
will be more alert.Being one of the targets hit three years ago six cases in all within 3 months,my shop was burgled in the heat of the night by likely tenants on the upper floor.Especially there are renovation going on.Units should be on guard,in the area.
I am more careful not letting anyone unfamiliar to enter my back portion of my shop thus observing the weak areas which we have patched up.Installed motion detectors in critical area suggested by the Police and Insurance agent.
Hope to keep Tiong Bahru safe for all.
Thanks again for the timely reminder,I almost forgot about the situation I was in nearly four years ago.Although its a few thousand dollars its heart breaking and tension for the family.


By the way, the reported house breaking occurred about 10 plus in the evening it seems.

If anyone wants to take part in possible neighbourhood patrols, do drop us an email and we will see what we can do to get something organised.

Fortunately, this estate is still safer than most, as we have more eyes on the street to look out around for each other. Still, as some of you have shared - nothing like helping each of us as neighbours and friends to keep the area safe for all!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Where the Heart Is - Civic Life - the Film Competition and More

Hear from the 2 directors, on the motivation behind the filming in Tiong Bahru, and also, the launch of the Film Making Competition - 'Where the Heart Is'.

You also get a quick sneak preview into how some of the scenes will look!

So, get your digicams/cameras/mobilephone ready to make your film of Where your Heart Is, in Singapore... share with your friends and family....

And thank you once more, to all who took part in the film project, and to British Council and National Museum for bringing this project - Civic Life - to our hometown!

Monday, July 5, 2010


Dear Friends and Neighbours

This is to alert you that in the last week, there has been a break in at Block 82, Tiong Poh Road, at night.

One of the flats on the 2nd floor had its bedroom window broken into and things were stolen.

It seems that the thief targeted the unit where the rear courtyard of the ground floor is roofed over - which enables the thief to walk over and into the flat.

The thief then left thru the front door it seems.

The Police is now investigating the issue, but they have asked all of us to do the following:

a. Do not leave rear doors/windows open when you are out of the house.
b. Keep valuables locked away.
c. Do note if there is suspicious sounds coming from the rear roof.


d. Keep an eye out for each other and if in doubt, call the police.

There is nothing like knowing your neighbours and looking out for each other. Only in this way can we help to keep each other safe.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Civic Life - Tiong Bahru The Movie - Read all about The STARS


Some of you were seen at the filming over last weekend... I am sure all of you had fun! For the rest of you... find out more about how it looked - lots of lovely pictures shot by Samantha Tio....and on the Flickr Album here:

The event was also covered substantially by many journalists, including The Online Citizen. Read all about TOC's review of it and their interview with the STARS from our community here, where the 'stars' from the community are featured!

From Left: Joe Lawlor, Christine Malloy, Leo Mak, Mdm Lim, and Veronica Patricia Rio
Picture by Samantha Tio

Sketches of Tiong Bahru - 30 June to 17 July

Last night was the grand opening of the first local art show that is focused on our neighbourhood, at our new local gallery White Canvas Gallery. Run by Colin, Maria and Ricky, their gallery's first show is dedicated to our home town.

Through the eyes of Tia Boon Sim, Don Low, Miel and Paul Wang, the sketches, in the different styles, showcase the sometimes hidden beauty of our estate.

Do catch the show, the sketches are beautiful!

Most works are for sale, and you may consider getting something for your own flat...

2 other events that you can consider joining in as part of the exhibition:

3 July, Saturday, 2 pm

17 July, Saturday, 2 pm

For more information:
Call Ricky at the White Canvas Gallery: 62208723