Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Birthday of Tai Seng Yah - a.k.a. Monkey God

The flags are up along Tiong Bahru and Tiong Poh Road.... pointing to the up coming birthday of Tai Seng Yah - The Great Heavenly Sage, a.k.a. the Monkey God whose temple is at the corner of Tiong Poh Road and Eng Hoon Street.

Yes, flags along roads are a sure sign of a temple festival in Singapore. These flags have peaches embroidered on them, as they are His favourite fruit (and also the fruit that got him in to trouble with the Jade Emperor and his consort long long long time ago....)

This temple is over 80 years old, and the big birthday, on the 16th day of the 8th Lunar Month, just after Mid Autumn Festival is the major event for the temple.

So, if you want to catch sight, or join in the festivities that is a real local folk festival, do take note of the following schedule of events:

Sunday 4 Oct - 3 pm, commencement of festivities, with lion and dragon dances.
The temple medium may be in attendance.
7pm, Teochew Opera nightly

Monday 5 Oct - afternoon and night, Teochew Opera
8 pm, dinner for temple supporters, lion and dragon dance, auction.

Tuesday 6 Oct - afternoon and night, Teochew Opera

Wednesday 7 Oct - afternoon and night, Teochew Opera

Thursday 8 Oct - 8 pm Getai show

Throughout the days of festivities, there is likely to be visiting troupes of Lion Dances who will come to pay respects (representing other neighbourhood temples) in the afternoon.

To read a good description of the temple in the 50s, check out this link to Dr Leon Comber's pioneering work - 'Chinese Temples of Singapore'.

All in all, its a great event for culture and photo buffs - the opera and dances are a sight to behold. The temple has adherents locally, as well as from Malaysia and Indonesia.

And if you are NOT a fan of Southern Chinese Folk Opera, well, its time to spend a few nights in town... :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mid Autumn is coming soon.....and there is something up for our neighbourhood!

Dear Neighbours and Friends,

Mid Autumn is coming soon, and its time to let the inner child, as well as those who are really still kids - have a chance to have some Mid Autumn fun with REAL LANTERNS - i.e. real candles in real paper lanterns....

This coming Saturday, Seng Poh and Boon Tiong RC jointly brings to Seng Poh Tea Garden, our annual Mid Autum Festival Celebrations....

All kids who attend will get a lantern for a procession around the neighbourhood.... remember when YOU were young and you got your annual lantern for the festival?

If you are somewhat older... we can still try to let you have your lantern too...

There will also be photography for kids who attend...

Tickets available from your local RC member (contacts at the local notice boards) or at the RC at 48 Moh Guan Terrace.

See you there!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Photography for you!

Hello friends and neighbours!

Are you all getting ready for this coming holiday weekend?

If you are a fan of photography, and want to meet up with shutterbug enthusiasts in Tiong Bahru, do consider turning up this coming SUNDAY, for the first get together of the Tiong Bahru Seng Poh Resident's Committee Photography Interest Group Meet!

Seng Poh RC
Ground Floor
Block 48 Moh Guan Terrace
Facing Seng Poh Tea Garden

Spread the word around!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

And now, the Residents Walk a Jog

Some pictures from the recent Walk A Jog that took place at Seng Poh Tea Garden for our residents, organised by the hard working folks at Seng Poh RC.

Good to see young and old, locals and new residents!

More activities coming up.

Will broadcast them soon.

Monday, September 7, 2009

More on the bins.... and the mozzies....

Dear Residents, please find the follow update for your noting from the Town Council. Do try to encourage your neighbours to use the right bins!



NEA's refuse collector had completed distribution of yellow bins last Saturday to all food establishments including confectioneries and small eateries. Their unit numbers were also marked on the bins. These bins were solely their responsibility and for disposal of their trade refuse. I had checked during the last few days and many were found using the bins. They are not suppose to discard their refuse into the round black bins as these are for domestic refuse. We shall refer to NEA if they do not comply. For other trades, I am writing to NEA to provide for them as well.

Meanwhile I had placed more black bins at the back lane. Would appreciate it if you could feedback if certain blocks required more. More were placed at gable-end and corners as these are areas where more rubbish are disposed.

I shall look into the problem at the Roast Meat Shop though there is some improvement and the five-foot way. The five-foot ways are managed by Town Council and the road by LTA. However, cleanliness on road by NEA.

Mosquitoes checks are conducted by both our Town Council Contractor and also NEA once a week. Total 2 from 2 agencies. So far this month there was no breeding found.

Tanjong Pagar Town Council


Dengue Cluster this week is at:

Seng Poh, Lim Liak and Kim Cheng Streets.

Look out!