Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What will you fight (die) for?


sorry for the long silence... just got back from this year's ICT where I was privileged enough to have seen the beautiful landscapes of western Singapore - rolling hills, valleys, stands of trees and fields of long grass.. a sense of space... things that one does not associate with the Singapore that we know of 'everyday'...

Too bad that military restrictions do not let us take pictures to show you all the sights, but while beautiful, I wonder, would I fight for that beautiful landscape - if it is merely beautiful, but that I have yet to grow to love?

Would I rather, fight for (and implied, die for) this street, this estate, with both its beauty and its imperfections - because this is my little corner of Singapore that is HOME?, and which I have invested in emotionally?

Imperfections, in a parallel illustration, here:

What about you?

That's it for now, till I get back into the swing of things.. oh wait... there is THAT letter from the Town Council on awnings and planters... let me find out more...